Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tap tap tap, is this thing on?

So heeeeeeey, anyone still out there? It is been a whole month since I logged an entry here. I feel like I have been riding an airplane by hanging onto the wing for the last couple of weeks. It is that time of year at work where we are heavily into the recruitment cycle for new students, so I am banging out awards for them, meanwhile those pesky currently enrolled students want their financial aid processed and disbursed for this current term too. The nerve. So the day starts in a whirl and ends when the kid finally goes to bed.

Which I might add, no matter what time I begin the process of exiting the living room and getting him into the tub, always ends up being somewhere around 8:45pm. His skill at deploying the delaying tactics is untouchable. And time passes much more quickly these days so by the time I realize it is taking him way too long to eat that last piece of penne, it is 8:30.

My kitchen floor is probably growing a cure for some obscure disease, but BY THE GODDESS I will kill it Saturday morning when I apply a judicious amount of toxic cleanser to it and scrub it all away. Advancements in modern medicine will have to happen without my assistance.

In other Cooper news, he is kind of a sassy kid. Recently we were coming home from work/school, trying to get in the front door, but in typical 4 year old fashion he was being distracted by all manner of interesting things, like his sled on the front porch, the boot scraper shaped like a frog on the porch, the container of snow melt on the porch, pretty much ANYTHING ON THE PORCH. So I kept saying things like "OK, get up here" or "Please move over so I can open the door" or "GET INSIDE NOW", you know, fairly typical mom things, when he said "Shut up mommy."

Hmmmm. NO. I responded by saying OH NO, we do not say that to me, or anyone for that matter. We do not say shut up. "But Dexter says it" he responded. Dexter is a character in a cartoon that he has recently discovered. So I explain "Dexter is a cartoon character. He is not real. If you cannot tell the difference between what Dexter can do and what you can do, you will not be able to watch it." "I want to watch it" he responded. "Then you need to learn the difference and understand you cannot say shut up." This is, by the way, all happening while we ARE STILL ON THE FRONT PORCH. He looks at me, squints his beautiful blue eyes at me, and says very softly, almost a whisper "Then be quiet mommmy."

Doomed. I am so doomed.


Dproudmama said...

love that kid!! A good "doom". Keeps one humble.

Chip said...

Oh holy crap! That is BRILLIANT!

Laura said...

HAHAHA, love that!