Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Eve - Party like a 4 year old.

Well, Happy 2011! I am not one for major new years' celebrations, but we did have fun with it this year as Cooper was very into the concept, thanks to Max and Ruby. He has seen this one episode several times where Max and Ruby (brother and sister bunnies) stay up with their grandma bunny (they have no parents, a situation that has been the point of discussion in many forums for YEARS) to celebrate the New Year. They make clock cookies, i.e. sugar cookies with the face of a clock pointing at 12 and wear hats and eventually fall asleep before the big event.

So there we were on NYE, with Big Ma, Bob's mother, our friend TR and Coop, having eaten our body weight in BBQ stuffs and hanging out, when Coop announces he wants to make "Craw cookies" which I figured out were the clock cookies. Fortunately, he and I had made some sugar cookie dough two days before, and it was sitting in the fridge waiting to be used. So off we went to the kitchen. But how to put the clock face on it? TR came up with a quick egg wash paint her mother used to use, which you put on before you bake the cookies so it gets cooked. Raw eggs are not my idea of yummy. 10 minutes later, clock cookies were in the house, along with some seriously deformed gingerbread guys.

Then Coop said he wanted to stay up til midnight. *I* didn't even intend to stay up that late, he sure wasn't. So at some point he was in the kitchen being distracted, around 8pm, and I ran and changed the giant clock we have to say 11:50. This will never work again as he will likely learn to tell time somewhat proficiently in the next 11 months, but this time it worked. He came back in, we all exclaimed over how it was almost midnight, we yelled happy new year 10 minutes later and he went to bed. And we followed not too long after. Because that is how we roll around Casa de MLM.

That was how we rung in the new year. 4 days into 2011 and so far, so good.

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