Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can anyone say LIFE COACH?

Oh HEY there! Long time no post. It was a horrible no good very bad week here in MidLifeMama land. Summer is supposed to be a carefree, lazy, floating in the pool staring at the clouds time of life, right? Not so much. I think I want to move to Australia.

Side note: I must say that a lot - not so much. Because the other day we offered Cooper a sampling of a new cereal, Chocolate Cheerios, which The Bob seemed fond of, I am kind of on the fence about. He took a bite, and handed me the bowl. I asked him if he liked them. "Not so much" was his response. That kid makes me laugh.

Which is a good thing, because I need all the laughter and happiness a soul can get these days.

Thursday was the breaking point. I had spent all of my time at work working on two huge and very stressful things, one is the evil thing I cannot talk about, and the other is the annual audit of our office. The audit is stressful because this is an outside agency who comes in to make sure you are doing your job correctly, and there are reports to run, files to pull, trees to kill by printing pages and pages of screen shots because they cannot see the information they need. Then you get to the point where they are done, and you get to hear about the mistakes you made. This year went pretty well, but the one thing they found was a process issue, and resolving it means closer coordination with the student accounts office, and after the week I had had, I sort of broke down. In front of the auditor. Which was AMAZING. She is a very nice person and not at all trying to make me miserable, and had it been JUST her or JUST the other evil thing, I probably would been OK. But I wasn't. There was crying. Whee.

So I got home, and ordered pizza because I was NOT going to be in charge of one more damn thing that day. The Bob was all "OK" and I was all "The Mama's armor has some fractures, do NOT ask me to make any decisions beyond pepperoni or black olives."

When it came to Tubby Time as we call Cooper's bath, Cooper did what he has begun doing at bath time, Naked Dancing to Music by Nightlight. I don't know exactly what this says about his future extracurricular activities in the teen years, but he likes to get naked, turn out all the lights, get some music going on the radio and dance before he gets in the tub. This particular evening we found some quieter music, and he sat in my lap with his hairbrush microphone, and he sang along with the music and it was MAGICAL. He didn't know the songs, but he has an ear for music, and was humming along pretty much in tune most of the time.

By the end of tubby time, I felt worlds better. I am still stressed, but eventually it will all be over. But in all seriousness, this has made me stop and wonder what OTHER career could I embark on at the age of almost 46 that would not involve going back to school, and I could support my family doing? I am coming up el blanko.


Audubon Ron said...

Life Coach. What do I win?

Wenderina said...

Don't ask me. I'm fine until I unplug for a day or two and then I think about re-engaging and break into a cold sweat. Isn't there something more FUN out there? I've started throwing things at tv screens when a movie or show says something stupid like, "the key to happiness is to find something you love and turn it into your job...then it will never feel like work." Bleh.

Susie said...

Ugh, so sorry. BEEN THERE and totally understand. These moments... they are like the grass cracking through the sidewalk. Seems traumatic but really not a bad thing. Take it as a sign that nothing can stop you. Life is too short to never change and grow. Also, seriously, I was you until a few weeks ago when the husband finally got an amazing job, after a long dry and depressing spell. I almost gave up hope a few times and the pressures at my work kept coming and since the benefits and everything were on me, I was near to breaking.

Take heart and I'll be your freelance life coach. I love what I do, but even still, have had to make a living at it and that has led to some wonkiness.

Susie, your internet buddy

Susie said...

you know when I mean freelance life coach" i do not actually mean i expect payola, right? clarifying because just remembered that i announced to the world Im open to freelance work!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Aww, I love the Cooper part of the story! And you know, I think in the month of May, Jupiter aligned with Mars in the very worst of ways. Everyone I know was frazzled.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Our three little ones had post-bath Naked Rock Band--and you're right, it was a little magical.

So sorry you had such a crappy week--I hope next week is better.