Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm here, here I am!!

It's raining again, but it is a more reasonable rain, so far, and is not trying to flood my basement. So far. The sump pump people were out again, and I would like to know why every time someone looks at the work, they find something done wrong by the previous guys. This time the guy looked at the drain that should take water to the sump pump and said "They should have put holes in the bottom" because as it was, the water had to fill it more than half way before it started draining. No wonder it was overwhelmed. And the pipe that takes the water out of the house and to the end of my front yard, was installed a bit too shallow and with the seam facing in the wrong direction, so it has been leaking into the yard. At least it is not leaking in the house.

So he fixed the holes in the bottom of the drain thing, and someone will come out and fix the pipe thing eventually.

In other news, we began potty training again, and this time it is working! I am so grateful he goes to school. He has really responded to the potty training at school with other friends who are already using the potty regularly as a living example. And even though you probably don't care to know this - he has even POOPED on the potty at school. That is HUGE. Some kids take weeks to work that out.

Things have been changing for Cooper so fast lately, and he is becoming such a little boy. He is not a baby. He is barely a toddler anymore. We switched his room a few weeks ago, and now he is in a full sized bed, not his toddler bed. The toddler bed is still in the other room, and he stopped and looked at the other day and said "What's that?" I told him it was his baby bed. "Yeah, my baby bed. I'm in a big bed now." And I was all verklempt. He is just growing by leaps and bounds and now he is potty training and telling us when he needs to pee and WHERE DID MY BABY GO?

He is also totally into super heroes. We went to Target last weekend and bought 450 pairs of super hero underpants. He LOVES Spiderman and now he is into Iron Man too. We have watched the newer cartoon versions of these two guys quite a bit lately, and he wants to act out everything. It is hilarious. I hope his Uncle Chip appreciates that there might be another comic book collector in the family. I can get behind loving Iron Man. I mean, helloooo, Robert Downey Jr.

So we have been busy, and I feel like tomorrow I will be writing to tell you I have a teenager, because life is flying by. I am hoping I get the chance to really embrace the moment and savor it.

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Chip said...

I can relate to the whole "where's my little kid?" Been struggling a lot with that lately.

I ought to pull my boxes of comics out the closet.