Thursday, December 3, 2009

Goats in their glory

Yesterday/today a picture I took was featured on the very funny blog Nannie Goats in Panties. That picture always makes me smile. I am not sure which goat that is at the farm, but she is always there with that Mona Lisa smile.

Earlier this week I picked Cooper up at school, and he had made a paper pumpkin pie, complete with cinnamon flavored sprinkles on it. He announced all the way home that he wanted pumpkin pie. He has never eaten pumpkin pie, but what the heck. I said we didn't have any yet, but since I had left over business from Thanksgiving, we could make a pumpkin pie. Did he want to help me? YES!

We made pie. And my child ATE the pie. Granted, he spit it right back out when he got some of the graham cracker crust along with the filling. The contrast in textures triggerd that gag reflex and suddenly I had a handful of partially masticated pumpkin pie.

But he ate the filling so technically, HE ATE PIE! Whee.

Tomorrow I drive to West Point NY to be in my friends Laura and Shelly's wedding. Not being Jewish nor having been to any Jewish weddings previously, this will be a new experience. Apparently I am to be at one corner of the chuppah, the canopy under which the bride and groom exchange their vows. I am calling myself a Chuppah Girl. I was present for the tasting of the food, so I know what we are in store for and all I can say is YUM.

This means there are a few days of bachelorhood for my men coming. I hope my house is still standing when I return.


Dproudmama said...

And if it is not still standing - so what. They probably will have great fun together. And love to the wedding couple. I guess the President O decided not to barge in on their festivities.

Chip said...

What is with our sons? The Boy is finally eating pies the Wife makes... and she makes CRAZY good pies. Incredible crusts... yum! And he does not like cake. Wha??? Fine, more for me.

And even though I know how to pronounce Chuppah, I can't help but hearing it in a very syllabant (spelling?) voice. Like Adam on Mythbusters does, "You're Chuppah Girl!!" of "Chuppah Duppah!"

witchypoo said...

Make sure there is plenty of pie on hand while you're gone. Heh.